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Fund for keeping Slovene rivers clean

Helios > Social responsibility > Fund for keeping Slovene rivers clean

We established Helios's fund for keeping Slovene waters clean in cooperation with the Ministry for the environment and spatial planning some years after we had placed our first water-based eco-friendly products to the market. We were convinced that these were the products for the future and that these would be soon confirmed by our buyers and sales results. But it was not as we expected. It proved that we were before time with our ecologic orientation. The buyers of water-based coatings were mistrustful, they doubted on their efficiency. If we would then at Helios think for a short period, only from a point of view of profit, we would not devote any special attention to this part of sales programme, we would indulge the market and concentrate mainly on solvent-based standard coatings. It happened the opposite: in our ecological programme we started to discover the core identity of our company.



Instead of leaving green programme we decided to try to gradually redirect awareness of the Slovene public. In the cooperation with the Ministry we established in the year 1998 the fund, which with its content and ten years' functioning is today one of the crown examples of successful cooperation between economic organization, area Ministry and local communities – not only in Slovenia, but also in Europe and at the global level.



In the frame of the fund 17 Carst caves were cleaned, from the second year of its functioning until today more than 70 wells and other sources of drinking water around Slovenia were revived.
In the year 2004 we up-graded the development of the project and included pupils of elementary schools, who with the creation of the Water teaching path additionally contributed to integration of project and renovation of domestic water source. With the socially responsible handling the pupils competed for a special money award; until today more than 15 elementary schools obtained this award.



Helios does not invest only resources in fund, which are collected with the sale of ecologic coatings and which also enable the fund’s functioning , but with expert cooperation of the Ministry we care for the demanding organization of project functioning and information and animation of public media. All people involved adopted this project, with the time they discovered that it is “the project with a soul” and as such the project was in spite of the initial mistrust accepted also by media and a wider Slovene public.